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Mediation and other alternative dispute resolution procedures, such as collaborative lawconciliation and arbitration.

Contracts negotiation, including in the field of new technologies.

Preparation of playbooks and contract templates for greater legal efficiency.

Consulting in

Does your ministry need legal advice and an adapted follow-up when negotiating international trade agreements?
Does your government wish to draft cultural exceptions in international trade agreements that are adapted to the digital environment? Do you need support on that?
Would you like to have legal advice on cultural clauses in existing trade agreements in order to measure your country’s policy space in cultural matters?
How can your company improve its image and attract investors by promoting cultural diversity?
How can you add value to your artistic and cultural projects by taking international treaties on culture into account?
Is your company preparing documents which make reference to international legal texts? Would you like these documents to be reviewed, improved and validated by an expert?
Do you wish to build a socially responsible company, capable of attracting investors and respecting the dynamics of our increasingly multicultural societies?
Your company has developed or is developing a strategy on sustainable development. Would you like to upgrade such strategy in order to provide a satisfactory response to international legal texts on the subject?
Would you like an innovative perspective on your sustainable development strategy that would allow you to go beyond commitments on environmental protection?
Would you like to promote your projects on sustainable development by integrating a more holistic perspective of this concept?
Do you need assistance and advice regarding the law applicable to new technologies?
Do you need assistance in designing and implementing your new strategy on data protection (compliance with the GDPR)?
Are you responding to a public request for proposals? Do you need legal assistance?

Assistance to artists and authors, in France and in Brazil

Assistance in Brazil and France